The best looking battery ever designed

Beautifull surface  compact and discreet  looks just like a luxury car key making it easy to slide into your pocket or small handbag.


Flip & Puff worries free  Puff & Fold into the side of the battery and continue on with your day like a boss

This feature keeps the cartridge secured inside and makes it ideal for users who are clumsy.


510 Thread Highkey Battery Vape 650MAH 2.7 V  3.1 V  3.7 V

The technology inside is self-adapting to ensure it provides the best experience possible, adjusting temperature for maximizing performance.

pre-heat function for thicker consistency is a handy HIghkey feature

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Johny Hipstar

No more broken cartridges , I ruined so many i guess im clumsy 😀 😀 😀 This is the most important thing .Safety first , I vape anywhere I want anyway lol. Thank you guys so much for such a fast delivery.

highkey battery cbd vape 510 thread wax
This really looks like a damn bentley key . I really like this battery is perfect. I got it last week and I didn’t even charge it much , still it hits like a dragon :))) Get high in luxury

Adam M.

Haha I’ve discovered a new way to vape it without opening the cart. Just stick your lips at the tip and suck it . It doesn’t get more discreet then this Thanks alot really , I never seen such a cool battery .

This is how it’s supposed to be!

Martins M&M

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